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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Getting your recruitment right: A 5 Step Guide – Step 3 Attract

As with all projects, planning effectively significantly increases your chances of a successful recruitment drive. Good planning doesn’t slow you down – we’ve found the opposite is true – it clarifies a process that can so easily become disjointed.

That’s why we’ve developed a 5 step process which makes recruitment as straightforward as possible and we use this approach on all of our recruitment projects. 

Step 3 – Attract

What are you going to say to candidates to peak their interest?

Whilst Talent Attraction is a continuous and strategic exercise for the most successful employers, it’s still important to create a personalised message for the individual role, across all channels and stakeholders – job advert, website, initial phone calls and in-person meetings.

Your unique company culture, values, employer brand are all important but think about the specific target candidate audience. For example, what’s important to enterprise architects versus project managers?

If you’re using external partners, do they understand all of this? How confident are you that the individual who will be attracting candidates on your behalf has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a compelling message, and get buy-in from the best candidates? The quality of your documents, your advert, your interview– the ‘basics’ – all aggregate to form your message to candidates.

Want more insight? download your copy of Getting Your Recruitment Right