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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Getting your recruitment right: A 5 step Guide – Step Two: Locate

As with all projects, planning effectively significantly increases your chances of a successful recruitment drive. Good planning doesn’t slow you down – we’ve found the opposite is true – it clarifies a process that can so easily become disjointed.

That’s why we’ve developed a 5 step process which makes recruitment as straightforward as possible and we use this approach on all of our recruitment projects.

Step 2: Locate

Finding the successful candidate: Think strategically about where these people are likely to be.

This is a great test of the quality and relevance of your job spec, too. Does what you’re asking for actually exist elsewhere? Are there people performing a role with these specific characteristics? Or, for example, are you trying to find a replica of Janet who’s leaving after 25 years during which she accumulated a unique set of skills?

Let’s say the role does exist elsewhere, but not within 80 miles of your office. How will you overcome that?

Once you’ve performed some feasibility and mapped the market, what channels and tools are you going to use to source? Think about the quality and the relevance of the tools available whether you source directly of via an external partner (LinkedIn, for example, isn’t always the silver bullet!).

Maximise every opportunity to land the right person. Consider your own network, encourage hiring managers and teams to ask around and be on the look-out for referrals. Is there an internal candidate? Will an existing contractor consider a permanent role? Can you hire at a more junior level and promote from within?

Want more insight? download your copy of Getting Your Recruitment Right