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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

10 CV Tips for Interim Managers

If you’re entering into the jobs market or looking for a new opportunity it goes without saying that a great CV is essential. When you’re an Interim it’s even more critical, here we share 10 tips to ensure your CV is up to the job.

  1. Know your USP
    Think of this from a solution provider standpoint, rather than an employee – what problem do you help clients solve? What situation will a client be in when they call on your services.
  2. Emphasise your specialism
    Your specialist area of expertise is one of the main things a client is paying for and why you’ll get hired so ensuring you include those specialist skills is a must.
  3. Focus on outcomes
    What was the situation when you came in, and how was it when you left. Be sure to include the size of the department, size of the project, any investment/budget size and ROI if you can
  4. Categorise your experience
    Separate your Interim assignments and projects from your permanent roles to easily showcase the scope of your experience.
  5. Don’t worry about gaps
    Gaps on a CV aren’t always cause for concern and particularly not with an Interim CV, just ensure you can explain the reasoning behind them if you were to be asked.
  6. Keep it plain and simple
    Your CV needs to be as accessible and easy to use as possible so stick to Microsoft Word for file type, plain backgrounds, standard fonts and clear and concise language.
  7. Be strategic
    Relate to the strategic agenda of the organisations during your assignments, focus on what the company was trying to achieve at a strategic level and how you contributed to that.
  8. Stakeholders
    Talk about the variety of stakeholders you managed on the assignment. You may have been delivering an IT project, but who were your internal customers and who were you influencing?.
  9. Spelling and Grammar
    We all make mistakes so whilst it might seem like an obvious tip, it’s really important to run spelling and grammar checks on your final document before you share it or send it anywhere.
  10. Contact Details
    Without them, you can’t be contacted about opportunities! so it’s imperative you ensure these are correct and up to date.

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