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Hiring your first CTO? Ask yourself these 5 questions.

Strong digital and technology leadership will be crucial to our economic recovery in the coming years. Business models need to change and the main lever is technology. Whether that’s to enable a remote workforce or to engage with customers through new channels. As a result, boards and execs – especially in small-medium firms – must… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Buyer’s Job Market.

You don’t have to be actively looking for a job to heed this advice. Your job might be safe and secure today. But when the time comes to look elsewhere, it’s likely you’ll be competing in a competitive candidate pool. A buyer’s job market (a concept that’s illustrated beautifully in this article). With that in mind,… Read more »

Hiring for Transformation. Part 1: People & Culture

(This is part 1 of 3 posts that adapt a recent talk I gave at Gateley’s ‘Disrupt or be disrupted’ conference.) What is Transformation? Over my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a front-row seat to a lot of really interesting and challenging transformation agendas across the UK. This has given me a… Read more »

Adapting to uncertainty: what does it mean for talent?

This week, Deloitte reported the findings from its quarterly CFO Survey. I won’t delve into the detail – you can read the report here – but the findings include: 58% say reducing costs is a strong priority in the next 12 months Only 11% expect to increase capital expenditure 70% expect to reduce hiring in… Read more »

Hiring experienced leaders into Scale-Ups. 5 things to consider.

“If you want to successfully scale, you’re going to need a leadership team underneath you that’s going to help you to make that happen. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to execute…” Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn on scale-ups during this podcast.   Growing from (say) 50-150 people is a game-changer, and notoriously challenging. There’s… Read more »

What a CEO wants from a Technology Leader

Some time ago I wrote a post on what technology leaders want to understand about an opportunity, so it made sense to (eventually) examine something resembling the ‘reverse’ of this subject. What do CEO’s want from technology leaders?  It’s a question we ask frequently in ‘search’, but it was a conversation this month that jump-started my… Read more »

Mentoring and Your Business

Mentoring can be a useful tool to use during the onboarding process, assigning someone to show a new hire the ropes, make them feel welcome and to support their first few days and weeks is undoubtedly a good idea, but the benefits of mentoring stretch much further than this.  

Top Tips for Retaining Your Best Talent

Retaining talent is a challenge all businesses will face at one time or another, people leave, careers develop in other directions it’s all natural and part of business life but there aren’t many business owners or managers out there who likes to see their best talent leave particularly given the effort and cost which goes into hiring in the first place. The good news is that in many cases it can be avoided. 

Here we share practical tips for retaining your best talent: 

Top reasons your employees are looking elsewhere

The dark winter months are upon us and whether you’re a business owner or a people manager you’d be foolish to think that at least some of your team aren’t thinking about their next career move. The start of the year is prime time for job applications, time to reflect over the Christmas break and the sharp return to reality means the first couple of months of the year is a critical time for retaining staff and as such it’s a good time to address some of the reasons why your employees may be looking elsewhere.  

REPORT: How’s The Market – December 2018

As we near the end to an unpredictable, but nonetheless productive year, we’re pleased to report on the market for the final half of 2018 with the second edition of our ‘ How’s The Market’ publication. 

Marketing Your Interim Career: It’s time to get social

It’s important to recognise that different social media platforms each have their own benefits and challenges but platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can offer tremendous opportunity for your small business to connect with potential clients and grow your brand, so if decide to have a presence on social media (and our view is you should!) you’ll need to approach it in a strategic manner and consider your options before ‘diving in’ 

Are your staff looking elsewhere?- it’s time to focus on retention this autumn

The return to work after the summer break is the perfect time to take a fresh view of career goals and plans and that can mean looking for a new role. September is the second busiest time of year after January for job seekers, so it’s a time when employers should be taking a close look at what’s going on in their teams and focusing on retention.  

DOWNLOAD: Waterfall to Agile – a journey not a destination

Having led business transformation across a large financial services institution, this guide from Laudale guest contributor Carl Woolfenden takes a look at the benefits of moving from Waterfall to Agile methodology and the practical application of doing so. Based on Carl’s real experiences of delivery using Agile, this case study style guide looks at the real challenges… Read more »

DOWNLOAD: In depth report ‘How’s the market’

It’s the question we’re asked the most when we’re meeting clients and candidates ‘ How’s the market’ and now we’re answering with our in-depth report. We’ve analysed hundreds of available roles and job advertisements and combined this with our own deep knowledge to create an accurate picture of the Northern IT jobs market.

INTERIM INSIGHT: Waterfall to Agile – A Review

Our Interim Insight series speaks to members of our Interim Community sharing practical advice and in-depth knowledge. In this edition, we speak to Senior IT Consultant, Ray Bunton who provides a candid review of Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

8 ways to land well in your new role

We all know about the importance of the first 90 days in a new role But what about the less strategic and more pragmatic, day to day approach to help you land well. 
We’ve put together 8 tips to make those first few weeks go like a dream…

DOWNLOAD: 5 stages of an effective recruitment process

As with all projects, planning effectively significantly increases your chances of a successful recruitment drive

We’ve developed a framework that breaks down the recruitment process into 5 stages using intentionally simple language. Find out more in our latest download.

Quick tips for making faster, smarter decisions

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world decision making has emerged as a key management skill.  Yet, despite the demand to move quickly just to keep pace with innovation and change, many leaders still find decision making processes challenging.

Through talking to some outstanding leaders in our network, we have curated the following quick tips for making faster, smarter decisions which yield better results for your projects, business and leadership style.

It’s the question hiring managers want the answer to, what do great candidates want?

It’s the question hiring managers want the answer to (or should want the answer to) ’What do great candidates want?’.

What you think might appeal about the role you’re offering, versus what is actually important to high calibre candidates, can differ entirely.  So if you’re complacent with your ‘pitch’ to candidates, you could be missing an opportunity to attract the right people.

Why Manchester adds up for tech talent

With the fourth largest tech cluster in the UK and over 168,000 tech workers already in the city, it’s not a surprise to see the popularity and availability of tech roles rising but with 1.4 vacancies for every 1 tech employee in Manchester the need to attract more talent is still very real.  

10 top tips for an effective recruitment process

Setting out on a recruitment project for a new hire can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be, Laudale MD Alec Laurie shares his top ten tips for SME businesses, breaking down the recruitment process intos simple steps ensuring a positive outcome. 1. Start with Why.  Get clear on the reason you’re recruiting – the… Read more »