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Who tells the CEO? The true value of an interim.

The can of worms. Picture this: you’re the CEO of a small group with multiple profit centres. You’d like a closer look at your group technology strategy to help create efficiencies and spot opportunities. So, you bring in an independent consultant – an interim leader – who’s been recommended to you. The brief entails the… Read more »

INTERIM INSIGHT: New Year, New Rules, how the ‘Good Work’ Plan affects contractors

At the end of last year and in response to the Taylor review, the Government published The Good Work Plan. The plan sets out a number of proposals for UK employment reform and is considered the “latest upgrade in workers’ rights for a generation”. Many of these rights have an effect on agency and temporary workers.

So what has been proposed? Jennifer Smith, Partner at leading law firm JMW explains:

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 benefits of interim for your business

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of interim management, you may question the value of such an appointment to your business, here our latest infographic takes a look at 5 key benefits: 

INFOGRAPHIC 4 key traits of great interim managers

Whilst a successful interim career is about technical skillset it’s also heavily reliant on the right mindset and key skills outside of technical capabilities but what characteristics make a really great interim? – we take a look at four key traits in our latest infographic.

Interim Insight: Are you legally responsible for the actions of your contractor?

You may be forgiven for thinking that as a business using a contractor you’re not responsible for their actions, quite simply they are independent and whilst you will have varying responsibilities towards your permanent staff particularly if they step outside the law these same rules don’t apply to contractors or do they?