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Marketing Your Interim Career: Managing your brand

Previously in our ‘Marketing Your Interim Career’ series we’ve discussed defining your product and identifying your target market as important steps which will shape your marketing efforts. With that groundwork in place, it’s time to turn your attention to brand.  

Marketing Your Interim Career: Identifying your target market  

Who is your potential customer? It’s a question you need to answer to be effective in your interim career and with your marketing efforts, as whilst you can be 100% sure about what you’re offering, if you don’t know who you’re offering it to, then it can be difficult to win business.  The latest in our ‘Marketing your interim career’ series explores how to identify your target market.

Marketing Your Interim Career – Defining your product

If you’re new to the interim market or are considering making the leap there’s a lot to consider and something which should never be underestimated is the fact that as an independent you are wholly responsible for where your next assignment or piece of work comes from, in short, whilst you may be an expert in architecture, business transformation or managing projects you’ll also need to develop some marketing skills to stand out from your competitors.   

10 CV Tips for Interim Managers

If you’re entering into the jobs market or looking for a new opportunity it goes without saying that a great CV is essential. When you’re an Interim it’s even more critical, here we share 10 tips to ensure your CV is up to the job

Why it’s time to make things ‘ official’ with your interim provider

Finding the best interim talent is a challenging task no question so, when a fast solution is required for your business and project, it can be tempting to leave your options open and work with a few different interim providers however, we’d always argue that keeping it simple and working with one provider will achieve a better outcome.

7 Practical tips for embarking on an interim career

If you’re considering an interim career, there’s a lot to think about! The positives are obvious, you’re now the boss, in the driving seat and in charge of your own career, work-life balance, income and the opportunity to take on challenging and varied work. But what about some of the more practical aspects of taking the plunge into the interim talent pool?

We take a look at 7 practical considerations when starting out in the interim market…

What to expect from your interim provider

It goes without saying that the best providers should invest significant time and effort into getting to know your business but here are five more things you should expect from your interim provider:

5 tips to get the most from networking

An April 2017 study from Cornell University found that requests made in person were 34 times more successful than those made over email so if you’re looking to make new connections it makes sense to invest time and effort in networking.