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Building a gender balanced shortlist: do these 5 things (but don’t stop there)

Enhanced diversity = enhanced performance. Everyone should want a gender balanced business. The benefits of diversity to performance are no longer up for debate. And let’s assume the recent increase in mainstream flexible working can decrease barriers for women longer-term. What an opportunity that creates to level the gender playing field in a post-Covid World…. Read more »

How COVID-19 has changed the War for Talent

There are a few memes doing the rounds about Digital Transformation. Along the lines of “Who’s responsible for digitising your organisation? a) CTO b) CEO, c) COVID-19.” The value of a digitally enabled workforce is no longer up for debate. Apparently, the business case “we’ll no longer have a company if we don’t do this”… Read more »

The rise of Talent ‘On-Demand’: step forward, Uber and Amazon.

Here at Laudale HQ we’ve been preaching the benefits of on-demand talent solutions a good couple of years now. It’s the right solution at the right time. So, the recent news that both Uber and Amazon have taken significant steps in advancing their own on-demand talent platforms was welcome and encouraging. What’s their proposition? On… Read more »

Are generalists the new specialists?

With the trend to focus on highly specialised skills, are we exasperating the talent gap? Consider this: right now, there are people in your local area who are looking for work, with a broad set of business skills and experience. Or, with less hands-on experience (i.e. graduates) but with conceptual and transferable knowledge. These people… Read more »

Failure to connect: Why are Britain’s Banks getting their IT so wrong?

In recent weeks, high street banks Barclays, NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank have all suffered from ‘ IT glitches’ with account holders reporting various problems with their online and app platforms.

But what exactly are they getting so wrong? we spoke to two IT and business transformation experts to get their view

No CV, No Interview – NO WAY! – could ‘open hiring’ work for the tech industry?

We read with some interest this week an article about New York based Greyston Bakery which hires people on a first-come, first served basis saving applicants from the usual and traditional recruitment processes and conversations. Greyston’s unique hiring approach – which they’ve coined ‘open hiring’ has been working for them for thirty-six years, and if you’ll excuse the pun gave us some food for thought…

The curse of 24/7 emails – isn’t it a question of culture?

A recent study which examined 5,000 rail passengers on commuter routes into London found that commuters are so regularly using travel time for work emails that researchers said their journeys should be counted as part of the working day.  

The end of the 9-5 and why that’s a good thing for business

Working 9 –5, a timeslot so iconic even the great Dolly Parton wrote a song about it, but it seems according to recent research that most people prefer to pour their cup of ambition outside what has long been classed as the standard working day.  

Working Forward – Why we signed the pledge

We were just one of hundreds of businesses who signed a pledge to commit to making a real difference to the experiences of pregnant women within our organisation.  But why did we do it, and why would we encourage other businesses to do the same?

Google for Jobs, Opportunity or threat for recruiters?  

If you’ve got a question or something you need to know, Google is the first port of call, the company so good at what it does it’s become a verb, and in recent months the technology giant has turned its attention to the jobs mark

Why Gareth Southgate’s emotional connection with players is a winning formula 

As this article ‘goes to print’ the English football team and its fans wait patiently and nervously for their World Cup Quarter Final meeting with Sweden. Whether that game is won or not remains to be seen but one thing is clear, this is a team that is fully invested in the task ahead and that is down to one man, England Manager Gareth Southgate. 

Can you afford not to include salary in your job advertisement?

We’ve all been a job seeker at one point or another in our lives and so we all know how frustrating it can be when you’re attracted by a job advert only to find no mention of the salary.  Of course, modern employees find other motivating factors at work – purpose, values, accountability – but salary is an essential hygiene factor: why not include it?

VIDEO: Focus on Women in Technology

In March 2018 we partnered with The Manchester Evening News to shine a spotlight on the women leading in technology in Greater Manchester. Laudale MD Alec Laurie discusses why in our latest video

Digital transformation and the technology executive

The second feature in our Women in Tech series with Greater Manchester Business Week focuses on businesses who have undergone or are on a journey of digital transformation and the women who are leading their charge. 

Laudale, Managing Director Alec Laurie shares his view on digital transformation and it’s impact on the technology executive.

Gender equality is a business issue, not a women’s issue.

As part of International Women’s Day and our ongoing commitment to promoting ‘Women In Tech’  Laudale has partnered with Greater Manchester Business Week to produce a list of 30 women contributing to and representing the tech sector in Greater Manchester. 

Laudale Managing Director Alec Laurie shares his view: 

How Transport for the North can significantly impact the talent landscape

This week saw Transport for the North propose a new train line that would connect Bradford to Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and beyond.  The Northern Powerhouse Rail line is a positive development for the North but it’s not set for completion until 2030 – what does this mean for attracting talent to the North in the meantime?

A case of the Blues – why there’s a recruitment lesson to be learnt from Everton’s woes

Here at Laudale HQ, we have a couple of Everton fans. We won’t reveal their identities given our Manchester roots, however, the recent managerial woes at the Merseyside club did get us thinking about the risks associated with making senior appointments, and how these risks play out across any industry. There are two clear lessons from Everton: making a) the wrong appointment and b) a hash of a recruitment process can cause significant reputational damage.

Northern Powerhouse – rhetoric or reality?

2 minute read It’s been more than a year since George Osborne was unceremoniously dumped from Theresa May’s cabinet and whilst the former seems happy enough taking evil swipes at his former boss from behind his desk at the Evening Standard, it was a move that left businesses wondering what now for the Northern Powerhouse?… Read more »

Facebook trials CV functionality should LinkedIn be worried?

  With the announcement that Facebook is trialling CV functionality should LinkedIn be worried? It’s a move which would put the professional social networking site in direct competition with its more personally focused comparator, but will users really want to mix their personal and professional lives quite so closely in the future? Our view is… Read more »