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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

How COVID-19 has changed the War for Talent

There are a few memes doing the rounds about Digital Transformation. Along the lines of “Who’s responsible for digitising your organisation? a) CTO b) CEO, c) COVID-19.”

The value of a digitally enabled workforce is no longer up for debate. Apparently, the business case “we’ll no longer have a company if we don’t do this” was a convincing one.

Of course, I’m referring to knowledge workers here. We can’t do everything remotely. But, we can do so much more than we previously accepted.

So, what does this mean for talent acquisition?

Geography should no longer be a barrier. At the very least it should no longer be a complete showstopper.

Think about the opportunity that has opened up…

‘Company A’ the ambitious tech firm located in the sleepy village of ‘Back-and-Beyond’ can now select talent from the whole of the UK.

OK, I’m being overly simplistic. You still need an attractive proposition, the right message, the skill, capability and the courage to really tap into that market.

But, if you want the World to be your oyster, the ‘new normal’ plays in your favour. You’re no longer dealing with an obscure and unproven concept.

Your talent pool just increased exponentially.

It isn’t just about ‘remote’ candidates.

Everyone wants greater work-life balance. Not just Mums, parents, or those with ‘baggage’ outside of work. Everyone.

So, when you next meet that outstanding candidate – the one that is head and shoulders above the others, but who wants to work from home 2-3 days/week – what is your case for not offering them the role?

Your talent pool just increased again.

And, don’t forget the professional gig economy.

One of the positive outcomes of the new normal is that the professional gig economy will thrive.

There are knowledge workers operating as freelancers and independent consultants, based all over the UK, who run successful portfolio careers. They don’t want to work for you permanently or even full-time. And in reality, you probably don’t need them to.

Everyone can access better talent by tapping into the professional gig economy. You’ve proven that your agile business model works – why wouldn’t agile talent?

Your talent pool just increased even more.

So many attitudes and behaviours have changed for the better as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will your approach to talent be one of them?