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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

The end of the 9-5 and why that’s a good thing for business

Working 9 –5, a timeslot so iconic even the great Dolly Parton wrote a song about it, but it seems according to recent research that most people prefer to pour their cup of ambition outside what has long been classed as the standard working day.  

The survey from YouGov found that just six percent of people actually work the traditional 9 – 5, whilst almost half of people work flexibly, job share, or work compressed or part-time hours. The study which surveyed 4,000 people also found that the most desired working pattern is 8 – 4 with almost 40% of those surveyed choosing those hours.  

For anyone with responsibility for recruitment or talent sourcing these statistics won’t be that surprising, it’s something we see with the majority of permanent roles we fill, flexibility is desirable and careers that fit around lives rather than the other way around are becoming the new norm, so it’s clear what candidates and employees want but what do employers get out of adopting flexible working? 

The answer. A Lot! There’ll be less absenteeism and less presenteeism and your teams will be more productive because you’re trusting them to choose when they work most efficiently. It will help with talent attraction, in 2017 research showed 69% of workers who were not currently working flexibly would prefer to do so, that’s a big portion of available talent that you’re instantly more attractive to as an employer who promotes flexible working. 

The biggest benefit for employer and employee, however, is the demonstration that you care about the people who work for your business. By adopting flexible working you’re telling your team that you understand they are human, that they have lives outside of your business which are important and that you don’t just view them as another line on the payroll. As a result, you’ll have a happy motivated workforce who’ll want to invest in your business as much as you invest in them and that’s a win for everyone.  

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