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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Facebook trials CV functionality should LinkedIn be worried?


With the announcement that Facebook is trialling CV functionality should LinkedIn be worried? It’s a move which would put the professional social networking site in direct competition with its more personally focused comparator, but will users really want to mix their personal and professional lives quite so closely in the future?

Our view is a resounding yes on both counts.  Facebook has a disarming reputation for wanting to ‘crush’ its rivals or at best just absorb them into its business, case in point Instagram and WhatsApp, and although Microsoft-owned LinkedIn might not acquiesce quite so quickly it remains to be seen what will happen if Facebook manages to take some of the LinkedIn audience.

Furthermore, anyone who has used LinkedIn to try and find suitable candidates or to find a new role will have experienced issues with its functionality and usability, not to mention the countless posts on the network itself bemoaning the increase of personal posts, cats birthdays, motivational quotes and memes, with many critics claiming it was now ‘just like’ – yes you guessed it – Facebook.

Could a nice clean interface with easily accessible information for job seekers and recruiters alike be the answer?

How will it work exactly?

The details are patchy at the moment however details discovered by developer Jane Manchun Wong and shared by The Next Web suggest the feature will let Facebook mobile users share their work experience and details without having to leave the app. The update expands upon the standard work and education details which already exist on Facebook.More

More importantly, the new feature reportedly appears to combine all the relevant information into a single professional looking package, away from the day to day Facebook activity candidates might not be so keen to share with recruiters and the wider world.

At present that’s all we know, however, Facebook’s approach to new features historically is to roll them out to a few selected users before engaging a wider audience and that’s what seems to be happening here.  It’s also not the first time Facebook has shown its sights are set on the professional market with the launch of ‘Workplace’ in 2016 and support for job applications launched in 2017 for Facebook’s IOS app.

What’s your view?  Would you choose Facebook over LinkedIn for job seeking or sourcing talent? 

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