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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Girls in IT, North West

Tonight we’re hosting the North West’s Girls in IT orientation evening from our King Street office in Manchester.

It’s the start of a superb initiative led by CIO Development that’s proven highly successful in the South East and London.

Along with CIO Development, and our friends and associates Doris IT, we’ve gathered an outstanding group of female IT professionals to act as role models, with the objective of encouraging more secondary school aged girls to consider a career in IT.

There’s a huge amount of interest from some of our region’s great businesses, and if the initial feeling of enthusiasm is anything to go by, it’ll be even more successful ‘up North’!

Here’s a brief intro from CIO Development:

“Like many other nations, the UK has a largely untapped IT talent potential in the form of girls and young women. Also, like many other nations, the UK needs to develop and muster as much talent as it can into 21st century tech-based careers. Our female youth is currently not choosing to come into corporate IT careers in large enough numbers, which is a missed opportunity for them and a major weakness in our technical workforce. The reasons for this may be complex and deep-rooted, but at the local level they are at least in part due to the lack of exposure and access to corporate IT of the girls themselves and of the people who guide them in their career choices. Companies can help to fix this at the local level, which creates a great opportunity both for the local girls and for themselves.

The primary goal of the “Girls in IT” initiative is simply to present 11-14 yr old schoolgirls with female role models able to inspire them by speaking from the heart but with authority about their own careers in IT. This is designed to open the eyes of the girls to the many attractions of information technology as a career before they are asked to make their GCSE choices. Evidence to date suggests that the initiative is very effective in achieving this.

There are also positive side-effects: the female role models in the scheme report that giving these presentations to 11-14 yr old girls (and boys inevitably) is both fulfilling and developmental to themselves. The process of engaging and working with schools forms a relationship that both the schools and local employers can use positively.

Finally, the initiative is run on a not for profit basis and is staffed entirely by volunteers doing real jobs in commerce and industry.”

If you would like to get involved moving forward, or would like a last-minute invite to attend, please contact:

Rachel Onder at CIO Development – rachel.onder@ciodevelopment.com


Alec Laurie at Laudale – alec.laurie@laudale.com See:

Brinley Platts, CIO Development

Helen Toogood, CIO Development

Chris McHugh, Doris IT