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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Google for Jobs, Opportunity or threat for recruiters?  

If you’ve got a question or something you need to know, Google is the first port of call, the company so good at what it does it’s become a verb, and in recent months the technology giant has turned its attention to the jobs market.  

Google for jobs was rolled out a whole 12 months ago for the U.S market and whilst there’s no U.K release date published anywhere, many are speculating it can’t be long until it arrives but what will that mean for the UK recruitment industry?   

What is Google for Jobs and how does it work?    

In short, it’s a search engine for jobs, aiming to refine searching and tailor results using AI technologies and Google’s already powerful search functionality. For employers, recruiters or career sites it offers the opportunity to have the jobs they’re posting indexed by the Google search engine and the service is already working with big names in the industry including Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.  For the job seeker, it offers a streamlined service where roles are provided based on job seeker preferences without the hassle of searching multiple sites and cleverly removing duplicate roles into the bargain.   

Who benefits?  

Job seekers are sure to benefit from Google Jobs of that there is no doubt. Job seeking is time-consuming and anything which reduces the need for scrolling through endless job alerts and visiting multiple websites is going to be a success, so it’s great for the candidate but what about businesses posting jobs? 

Google for Jobs will feature first those sites which regularly refresh their content so businesses who fail to do this won’t feature, added to this is the fact that it requires technical expertise and skills to reach the top of Google’s search rankings and the jobs model is no different. Not all marketing budgets stretch that far, meaning businesses at the smaller end of the scale or those who choose not to invest in those specialist skills will find it difficult to take advantage without making a significant investment.   

Should recruitment firms be worried?   

Our view is no, on the whole Google for Jobs is going to make getting a view of the market a much quicker process, this is a positive for candidates and recruiters alike. For those lesser known firms which are able to invest some time and resource into their websites and job listings, it offers an opportunity to compete with the likes of job site giants like Indeed (who notably are not partnering with Google on this) which would have previously been much more difficult to do.   

So, is Google for Jobs an opportunity or threat? We’d argue for most recruitment firms it’s an opportunity to take advantage of a service which seeks to streamline the job seeking process, the threat only arises when firms rely on technology to do all the work because that’s what Google for Jobs doesn’t do. As sophisticated as Google’s AI may be, it will never take the place of the human element which is so crucial to finding the right candidate – but it will make the process a lot simpler and we’re all for that.  

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