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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Guide to Interim Talent: Part 3 Why use an interim?

In our guide to Interim Management, we look at the reasons why a business may use interim talent and the benefits in doing so, and we also consider the drawbacks and the instances when interims really won’t work. Plus, we explore the relationship between the client (business), the interim provider and the interim, and look at how we expect this market to evolve over the coming years.    

Here we share Part 3 – Why use an Interim?  

Put simply, when businesses are looking to execute change, they have a few resourcing options, of which ‘interims’ are one. Other options include utilising existing or recruiting new permanent staff and/or partnering with a management consulting firm or another third party.

There are pros and cons to all of these solutions that typically fall around cost, quality, and speed, and most organisations use a combination of the above options to augment one another.

Our clients typically rely on interim talent to ramp-up quickly for projects, to increase the speed of delivery, to bring in an independent viewpoint, to access specialist expertise, and/or where increasing permanent headcount is not appropriate.

If you select the right interim provider (or staffing firm), you will typically benefit from rapid response times and access to an on-demand talent pool. High-quality interims are more often than not equally as competent as experienced management consultants, and indeed many have previous lives in the major consultancy firms.    

Read the full report below or download your copy here


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