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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

The hidden benefits of the office Christmas party

No, not the free booze – although we’ll admit that’s a plus point.

Seriously though, as the festive season approaches with its typical overindulgence and flurry of invitations many of us could be forgiven for wanting to give the office Christmas party a miss, you see these people every day after all but before you hit that decline button let’s take a look at the benefits of donning your Santa hat and joining the celebrations…

You’ll get to know people

it’s always advisable for career development to get into social situations with your peers but whilst in the day to day run of business that might not be possible, this is one occasion where you can get to know people outside of the constraints of the working day and build relationships which can benefit once you’re back in the office.

You’re showing you’re a team player

Putting it bluntly your absence will be noted if you don’t attend. For managers the office party is often used as a measure of whether you’re comfortable with your colleagues and if you really are a team player, plus many bosses consider it the ultimate thank you for a year of hard work and so you should consider carefully before you refuse that invitation, they’d much rather you were there taking full advantage of the free bar –  and that doesn’t sound so bad does it?

It can help with career advancement

If it’s a rarity that you get any face time with those in senior positions but you’re looking to move on up in your career, the office party is a good time for some internal networking, we’re not suggesting you turn up with CV in hand – leave your hustle at home this is still a relaxed party atmosphere but it’s still a great opportunity to get to know the people who could further your career on a more personal level.

You’ll probably enjoy it!

Whilst it can be tempting to decline through festive fatigue, nerves or general laziness, the fact is you’ll probably enjoy it once you’re there and if you do feel nervous or anxious about a slightly forced social situation with your colleagues try to remember that they’re in the same position as you, so try to relax and enjoy the festivities – and if it really is awful you have 12 months to think up an excuse for next year!

Disclaimer: The author cannot wait for the office Christmas party at Laudale HQ!

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