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The Team at Laudale

Suzanne Costella
Independent business strategy, architecture and transformation consultant

How can you ensure successful business transformation? The importance of bridging the ‘strategy to delivery’ gap.

10 minute read

Welcome to the latest edition of Laudale Thoughts in which Suzanne Costella, an independent business strategy, architecture and transformation consultant discusses successful business transformation and how you can bridge the strategy to delivery gap.

Suzanne has 20 years experience leading strategy, architecture and business transformation, working with executive teams at a wide variety of organisations


Many businesses invest huge resources in defining a ‘brilliant’ strategy or kicking-off major delivery programmes, but then find they don’t achieve the results they anticipated or hit the timescales they had targeted.

Effective Business Transformation is hard…no question, but I will suggest Business Architecture as a really neat way for your business to get maximum value from your transformation, increasing and expediting your revenue and cost goals.

I understand that jargon like ‘architecture’, ‘roadmaps’ or ‘change journeys’ may instantly turn-off some people – you need to find the right language which works for your business.  What I think is really important is that you have an effective method to translate strategy into clear, implementable designs and plans, which all aspects of the organisation are aligned to. Many businesses struggle to bridge this gap, leading to common challenges.

Click here to download this free resource and take the next step to successfully bridging the gap between your strategic goals and the business transformation you implement.