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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

INFOGRAPHIC: Simple Social Media for your Interim Career

Starting out on social media can be a little daunting, what to post when to post it and even what channel to use and whilst there’s lots of advice out there it’s easy to come away feeling you need to be a social media guru to have any success utilising the platforms for your business.

Our latest infographic takes a look at a simple approach designed to get the social media activity for your interim business up and running with minimum fuss.

One Channel

There are so many social media channels it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and sign up for them all and equally as easy to get overwhelmed by the task. Focus on one channel initially and refine your approach and process before moving onto another.

Create Content

Whilst you may see tons of interactive content, videos and more on social channels you don’t have to be a marketing whizz to create content, setting up a blog and writing posts you can share on social media is a great starting point and gives you relevant information to share with your audience.

Give it time

If you’re already engaging with social media for personal use you’ll know how much content is out there and how much content you just don’t take notice of. You’ll need to post content regularly to get noticed and even then it can take months before an engaged social media follower begins to trust your brand.

Measure It

Nobody wants to get bogged down with figures but fortunately, most social media channels make it incredibly easy to see how what you’re sharing and saying is performing which in turn helps you shape your social media approach.

And Finally…

Have fun! and enjoy learning! there’s no wrong when it comes to social media it’s merely about giving it a try and finding what works!


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