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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Location is a challenge when attracting talent, but it shouldn’t be a blocker…

 2 minute read

When hiring experienced talent, there are many factors that candidates weigh-up in choosing your business and the opportunity over a competitor’s – strategy, business objectives, culture, benefits, values etc.  But even when organisations have the makings of a great company to work for, we still find that location can be a hurdle.

Generally speaking, finding specialist and leadership talent is challenging, and the skills you demand to transform your business are in short supply.  This effect can be magnified if you don’t happen to be based in or around a major economic hub.

So when physically moving or opening new premises isn’t an option, what ‘low-hanging fruit’ can you address to help overcome geographic barriers?

Research & discovery  

Our clients have found that simple groundwork – or a more detailed discovery exercise – prior to beginning a search, provides useful insight on the current state of the local market, and can shape the direction of the search project. What’s the local or regional market for talent like? Which companies are hiring and firing? Where are good candidates going and why? Who’s doing what? What do good candidates know/think about your business? Engaging professional advice in this area can help keep your finger on the talent pulse.


People do relocate for jobs and it happens more often than you think.  Think about how prepared you are to compensate your new appointment, whether that’s a relocation package or bumping-up salary and benefits.  More specialist candidates are more likely to relocate for the right assignment, but an incentive to do so will make you much more competitive.  Naturally, the dynamic here is slightly different for permanent and interim. Think about a nationally competitive day rate and/or expenses for interim appointments.

It’s not just about the money… your Employer Brand and onboarding

Company culture is hugely important and arguably even more so if you’re asking someone to relocate. Salary is a big deal, and has always been one of the first things that candidates ask, but effectively marketing your workplace culture and the community around it will help candidates to visualise how they might fit. Also, think about the experience candidates have right through your recruitment process – from initial contact to starting work. Do candidates feel valued?  The companies that do this best aren’t always the usual suspects.  Simple things like great communications, buddy and mentor schemes, simply meeting up socially with new hires before their start date, all pay dividends.

Flexible and remote working 

This is such an obvious one in 2017. It’s easier than ever to connect workplaces through technology.  Furthermore, nearly every great candidate we talk to spends at least one day working from home and/or arrive and leave flexibly. We understand that stakeholder engagement, team leadership and critical meetings are best done face to face.  However, if the right talent is simply in the wrong place, should you really let this be a blocker? Remote working and flexibility are solutions that your competitors are using, and great incentives to attract talent. 

Invest in talent early

You’re already seeing a gap in the skills your business needs, consider investing in existing talent and attracting new hires with the right attitude to learn and cultivate the skills your business needs for the future. By keeping a close eye on your business strategy and effectively pipelining talent, you’ll be aware of what you want to achieve next and who or what you need to achieve it.

Regardless of size or industry all ambitious businesses are aiming to attract the best talent.  Location should not be a blocker to achieving this – don’t start packing the boxes just yet!

What’s your view? Has location impacted your ability to attract the talent you need? Have you benefitted from any of the points above?   

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