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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Why Manchester adds up for tech talent

In the past couple of weeks Manchester has just been ranked as the 2nd best city to work in and one of the top ten most exciting cities in the world – news which comes as no surprise to proud Mancunians already living and working here but with one of the hottest jobs cited to be Data Scientist in a Glassdoor survey, it seems Manchester is tops for tech talent too.  

With the fourth largest tech cluster in the UK and over 168,000 tech workers already in the city, it’s not a surprise to see the popularity and availability of tech roles rising but with 1.4 vacancies for every 1 tech employee in Manchester the need to attract more talent is still very real.  

2017’s Tech Nation report has the average salary for digital and tech jobs at £50,663 a year, 44% more than non-tech workers but what does it mean for your pocket if you’re choosing Manchester? we’ve delved a little deeper…

How does this compare to the competition? 

Yes, we’re talking about London of course, a developer can expect to earn around £75,000 based in London versus £55,000 in Manchester, quite a difference but they can also expect to pay over £2,000 to rent in London versus £950.00 in Manchester. You don’t need to be Professor Stephen Hawking to work out that rent cost has pretty much wiped out the salary differential and more. If travel to work is required that’s going to be £139.00 in London or you can be on your way for £58.70 in Manchester and when the working day is done you’ll pay 30% more in London than in Manchester for your evening’s entertainment– suddenly that Manchester salary is looking pretty attractive.  

There is no doubt Manchester is a world-class city and it’s one where tech is growing despite the need for more tech workers. Despite talent challenges the industry is growing four times faster than any other sector and there are some fantastic opportunities to grow tech careers in the city with competitive salaries.  

As Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown said the only thing we don’t have is a beach – but with the great cost of living here there’ll be plenty in your pocket for a trip to the coast whenever you feel like it… 





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