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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Your Interim Career: Finding the right routes to market

We’ve discussed previously the importance of identifying your target market but knowing ‘who’ your target is only part of the marketing challenge. Your product could be the best out there but if you don’t put it in front of the right people you won’t get the best results for your business, in this edition of “Marketing Your Interim Career’ we’ll take a practical look at finding out where and how your target customers prefer to ‘buy’ your product and how to identify the most effective routes to market.   

Do your research  

We’re not suggesting you undertake a massive market research project but taking some time to understand how your target market prefer to ‘buy’ your service will be time well spent and it can be as simple as asking your contacts or peer group how they prefer to deal with the task of appointing an interim, do they use an agency, do they advertise the role or do they use their own professional network to find the right person for the job? It’s also worthwhile taking a look at what routes to market your competitors are using, although it’s important to remember they’re not necessarily getting it right!   

Choose the right channel  

You’re marketing for a small business and you’re the only employee, time is at a premium here so with a seemingly endless array of marketing channels available it’s vital to ask some key questions before choosing. Think about who the decision makers are in your target market? who influences these people and where might you find them? If you know from your research that someone looking to make an interim appointment will find that person within their own professional network, then it’s going to be worthwhile attending industry events and engaging in some face to face conversation with your target market. On the other hand, if you know they use the services of an interim provider then it’s time well spent to engage with that provider as they’re a direct route to your target market.

Trust your knowledge   

Whilst research is undoubtedly useful and informative, it’s also really important to trust your knowledge. There’s a good reason you’ve decided to embark on an interim career in your specialist area and that’s because you know your market. There may be an industry-specific event you’re aware of, but which hasn’t come up during your research as a route to market, however, you’ll know from experience that attending this event will be a good opportunity to reach potential clients. There are no bad routes to market but it’s important to keep asking the question of whether embarking on a particular route to market is a good use of your time and your industry knowledge will be vital in making those decisions.   

Measure, assess and adjust  

Once you’ve identified the right channels and begun to use them, set aside some time to measure whether they are working for you and your business, whilst this sounds quite salesy all you’re really doing is assessing which channels you should be spending your time on, you may have settled on LinkedIn for example as a route to market but if it’s not delivering then it’s important to assess why and adjust your activity accordingly. It’s not necessarily about changing the route to market either but focusing on finding the approach which delivers results and helps to grow your interim career successfully.   

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