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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Your Interim Career: How to get the most from your social media profile

In the last edition of ‘ Marketing Your Interim Career,’ we looked at how to approach utilising social media for your business, here we’ll take a more practical look at creating an effective social media profile for your interim business. 

When you join any social network the first task is always to set up a profile and if someone is looking you up online it’s often one of the first pieces of information, they’ll find so it makes sense to pay close attention to this step and ensure your profile is truly representing your business and what you have to offer.   

Before you start, have a little snoop around 

Don’t be afraid to look at other people’s profiles – that’s what they’re there for after all! It’s definitely worth taking a look at your competitors and how they position themselves in their social media profiles. Looking at other profiles is also a good way to see what appeals to you and what doesn’t in terms of style and descriptions  

Get the basics right 

Choose a username which makes sense and is either the name of your business or ideally your own name, whilst it might be tempting to get creative it’s best to stay simple here. Describe what you do and what your business offers, be sure to include contact details and a photograph, this doesn’t have to be a professional shot as long as it’s a high-quality shot and importantly in the age of ‘face-tune’ actually looks like you!  

Brand it up 

All social media channels provide options to customise how your profile looks, this doesn’t mean you have to create brand elements but if you have a logo or a colour scheme which appears on your website, for example, be sure to carry this across to your social media channels for brand consistency and a professional edge.  

Show how good you really are 

Testimonials, reviews and positive feedback from clients are great things to include on your social channel and whilst not everyone is that keen on shouting about how great they are, it’s pretty essential in an interim career and it’s expected on social media, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have features built in to make it simple so be sure to take advantage of these to add credibility to your profile.

Show some personality  

Whilst it’s always important to consider the tone of the channel, it’s equally important to let some personality through as whilst your social media profile represents your interim business – your interim business is you! It’s fine to refer to your personal life and who you are outside of the business world, more often than not, those are the things that make people really want to connect with you. 

Creating effective profiles are a key step in utilising social media for your interim career but what comes next? After all, no one wants an empty timeline? In the next edition of Marketing Your Interim career, we’ll take a look at creating content for your target audience.  

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