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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Month In Review: November

So… there goes November, and we’re into the last few working weeks of 2018.  Shocking.

Here’s my penultimate Month in Review of the calendar year and, in tone with the pace at which we’re currently working at Laudale HQ, I’ll keep it brief!

In contrast to the madness dominating the news (I won’t mention the ‘B’ word), I’m starting to see organisations making important decisions and planning effectively. The market is picking up after a strange year, and it looks like Laudale is in for a busy December and January, with between 3-6 new director-level searches either in flight or about the kick off before the year is out (for a company of our size that’s significant… we’re usually at capacity at around 10 projects).

We’ve met more new clients this month, from Telco to FS, with some extraordinary challenges ahead of them, and I don’t mind admitting that I’m chomping at the bit to be involved.

But overall, November 2018 will be remembered at Laudale HQ as the month we launched (or rather ’soft launched’) our Lean Talent proposition. We’re now well into our first couple of engagements and it’s evidently a solution that allows discerning clients and (interim/contract) candidates to work together more effectively.

Our early use-cases have shown that we can eliminate waste and under-utilisation, keep the quality high, and the cost and risk comparatively low.  Whilst we won’t claim its revolutionary (yet!); it’s simple, smart, and makes great people accessible on-demand.

We expect this will be our big focus in 2019 – the response from our network so far has been overwhelming.

Beyond this, like everyone else, we’ve been getting in the festive spirit. Our first office ‘tree’ turned up, we received our advent calendars from our good friends at Doris and we started to phase in the Christmas tunes. December’s a short month after all, and can you ever really get bored of ‘Last Christmas’??

We’re looking forward to catching up in person with as many of our network before the year’s out, so we’ll see you in December!