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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

New Year – No Staff? Turn your focus to staff retention before it’s too late

2 minute read

It’s cold and grey, the festive lights have been switched off for another year and many employees will have returned to work with a lack of motivation and energy, if this seems like an incredibly depressing start to this article then you’d be right but it’s an important time for employers to take a serious look at staff retention.

January is prime time for job seeking with job site Monster reporting that applications grew to 75% above the daily average in January 2017.  Time to reflect on career ambitions and frustrations over the break leaves many employees considering a move at the start of the year.

How can you keep employees engaged and beat the January blues for good?

Communicate with your teams

The start of the year is a great time for goal setting and objectives, use this time to catch up with your team to talk about and reinforce the goals for the business and the part they will play in achieving them. Regular communication with employees is important at any time of year but particularly when motivation might be lacking as it’s a clear demonstration of how their efforts contribute to and important to the overall direction of your business.

Be Flexible

It’s old news that employees just want to be rewarded in the financial sense so don’t assume that a pay increase or bonus will ensure their commitment to your business. Studies have shown that a third of employees would prefer a more flexible approach to working hours than a pay rise so as part of your planning for 2018 consider how you can integrate flexible working into your business – if you haven’t done so before this can seem daunting but with the results of flexible working including higher job satisfaction and a higher standard of work-  it’s an investment worth making for you and your employees.

Focus on goals and development

What would the individuals in your team like to achieve in 2018? If employees are looking for a new role, one of the reasons could be lack of development options or the opportunity to improve. Whilst you can’t just create new roles or hand out promotions you can focus on committing some of your 2018 budget towards training and development or, at the very least, making a concerted effort to support personal growth.  Take the time to discover how your employees are keen to develop and you’ll see the benefit in a higher performing and more engaged workforce.

Recognise achievement and effort 

You’ve put the work in and so have your teams but when you’ve valiantly made it through January don’t forget to recognise and reward accordingly. Typically employees fall into a regular working pattern in the middle weeks of the month however as the end of the month approaches job seeking resumes in earnest making this the perfect time to show your appreciation – a small gesture can create a big impact on your staff retention efforts.

There’s no doubt about it, January can be a tough month however with just a few practical steps you can create a happy and engaged workforce who will want to remain a part of your business well into the New Year and beyond.

What are you doing to motivate your teams this January?

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