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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

It’s the question hiring managers want the answer to, what do great candidates want?

What do great candidates want?  Here’s what some experienced professionals had to say…

It’s the question hiring managers want the answer to (or should want the answer to) ’What do great candidates want?’.

What you think might appeal about the role you’re offering, versus what is actually important to high calibre candidates, can differ entirely.  So if you’re complacent with your ‘pitch’ to candidates, you could be missing an opportunity to attract the right people.

During a search for a Senior Programme Manager, we asked candidates about the most important factors when weighing up an opportunity – and here’s what they had to say.

Adam, Programme Manager, currently in Retail

“I look at the role ahead of the company, industry etc.  It’s important that the work is challenging and I’m able to genuinely affect the delivery of change. I’m not even all that fussy about the job title, it’s more about the nature of the role – will it challenge me intellectually?  And is the business ready for change and capable of changing?  A competitive salary is important but it’s not the driving force behind my decision.”

Adam’s Top 3: Ability to affect change, Culture, Career Progression

Sarah, Programme Manager, currently in Financial Services

” That the work I’m doing is providing business benefit is really the critical thing for me. I want to know will the customer or the business benefit from this? Can I see the purpose in what I’m doing and am I engaged? These are really big things for me. Like-wise I’d be asking these questions about the culture of the place, are people bought in to the work they’re doing? As a contractor the day rate is important – I don’t work all the time so the numbers need to add up but rate doesn’t outweigh the need to see real business benefit in the work I’m delivering.”

Sarah’s Top 3: Interesting and impactful work, Culture, Day Rate

Richard, Portfolio Manager, currently in FMCG

“It’s really all about culture for me. I want a company that I’m investing time and effort in to be forward-thinking, transparent and committed to change.  This is really important in my role, as is a real need for clarity around the organisation and how people are managed.  These are key elements that are sometimes taken for granted as far as I’m concerned. Salary comes into it, but only as a hygiene factor. I need the other boxes ticked to find the right fit.”

Richard’s Top 3: Culture, Organisation and Management Style, Salary

These are just three examples of course but of over 50 candidates we engaged with during this project, more than half (55%) cited the need for challenging/interesting work or intellectual challenge as the top consideration when looking for a new role. 

Granted, these candidates’ requirements could simply be characteristic of programme managers, but we hear similar feedback on other searches – it’d be safe to assume there are very similar requirements across most dynamic roles.

Whilst this might not come as a huge surprise, are you really describing the challenge, the ability to affect change, and the culture as effectively as you could at interview? 

Laudale offers a range of advisory services designed to help you increase the success of your recruitment processes, which includes tools and methods for attracting the right people.

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