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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Removing obstacles for all working parents will increase the tech talent pool

The third feature in our Women in Tech series with Greater Manchester Business Week focuses on Manchester’s position on the global tech stage and asks female tech leaders whether the city can rival Silicon Valley

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Revealed the top 30 women in tech in Greater Manchester

Laudale Managing Director Alec Laurie shares his view on how removing obstacles for parent friendly careers will increase the tech talent pool and help Manchester increase its’ chances of becoming a tech capital.

Here’s what we know: there are outstanding women technology practitioners, leaders and role models in Greater Manchester.

But there’s still a huge opportunity to improve gender balance in technology here, to the benefit of the entire regional economy – not just women in tech.

A recent report by Tech North shows that, whilst Greater Manchester is one of the most ‘balanced’ City regions in the North (roughly 80:20 men-women), there’s still plenty of room for improvement to compete on a National and International level.

Fortunately, this is the type of challenge that we rise to here, and the GMCA’s Digital Strategy targets 60:40 men-women in technology by 2025.

But how do we get there? It’s encouraging that there are so many initiatives aimed at getting young women into technology and digital careers – I doubt we’ll ever run out of steam in pursuit of this objective.

At the same time we have to break the glass ceiling for women in technology. For me, this includes solving the problems that all parents face – men and women. Employers still need to do more here; that is, take concerted action to remove obstacles for
working parents, and by doing so significantly increase the available talent pool.

Indeed, if Greater Manchester became the most parent-friendly region in the World for technology careers, that would be something to be proud of.

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