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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

The rise of Talent ‘On-Demand’: step forward, Uber and Amazon.

Here at Laudale HQ we’ve been preaching the benefits of on-demand talent solutions a good couple of years now.

It’s the right solution at the right time.

So, the recent news that both Uber and Amazon have taken significant steps in advancing their own on-demand talent platforms was welcome and encouraging.

What’s their proposition?

On Monday this week, Amazon launched AWS IQ, which is effectively a marketplace of third-party cloud experts for on-demand projects. You can read more about the mechanics of the platform via the AWS blog, but in short, it connects AWS customers with qualified practitioners when – and only when – needed. That is, no more hiring full-time contractors or large vendors for small pieces of work.

This model benefits both parties in a few ways. The client gets a streamlined web portal of Amazon quality where they can log ad-hoc pieces of work. The independent consultant can bid for and win the work and – hey presto – project underway.

For me, the beauty of this model is the end client is connecting with a high quality, independent specialist who is very good in his or her chosen field (in theory; I haven’t tried it). Furthermore, the consultant is there to solve an isolated problem. Not a large vendor with mixed levels of capability looking to ‘land and expand’.

It’s a classic “Uber for…”

And, speaking of Uber, it too released further details of a much-anticipated play into the talent marketplace this week. The Uber Works app will be launched this Friday with the promise of connecting temporary workers looking for shift work with businesses needing to fill gaps in rosters (according to people in the know).

Apparently, Uber’s offering is geared more toward the blue-collar market, but it’s effectively a similar platform at the heart of the proposition.

Is this the future of work?


Well, more accurately it’s the present. Many forward-thinking companies have been making use of flexible, ad-hoc resource for years now. It’s why platforms such as UpWork, Talmix, and Wonolo are growing.

Think about it in simple terms. Why are many companies currently paying independents £x hundred per day for 6 months at a time, when what they really need is a quick outcome? By our reckoning, around 70% of traditional contractors are seriously under-utilised for long stretches of their contracts. *

Is it applicable to Laudale’s market?


We’ve been giving our clients access to Enterprise Architects, experienced Digital and Technology leaders, Project and Programme Managers, etc, on a similar ‘bite-sized’ basis.

As with the examples above, our OnDemand service allows you to deploy people only as and when required. Though, we’re less of a tech platform and prefer human intervention (the tech may yet follow).

It’s a model that’s proving valuable and we’re seeing a staggering number of highly talented people who are choosing to work on a ‘gig’ or ‘portfolio’ basis at all career stages (i.e. not just when nearing retirement or looking for a NED role).

Is the on-demand market your untapped talent pool?

If you’d like to talk it through, I’m always happy to chat with no obligation. Please get in touch.

* This is taken from Laudale’s interviews with over 100 independent contractors. We will publish additional data in the next few months.

SPECIAL THANKS to Dave Thompson for some of the insight on AWS for this article. Cheers Dave.