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Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Small Business Recruitment Health Check (and why it’s free).

In Summary: A Small Business Recruitment Health Check

A few months ago I put the below post on LinkedIn about small business recruitment. And it received some warm response.

Laudale - Small Business Recruitment Health Check LinkedIn post

So, how can Laudale help?

First, here’s what we won’t do…

  • We won’t charge you for a small business recruitment health check and our recommendations.
  • We won’t up-sell anything to you.

Here’s what we will do…

  • Meet with you to discuss your business and ask some questions about why you’re recruiting.
  • Look at how you’ve gone about recruiting so far and ask some more questions.
  • Run your answers through our simple diagnostic tool.
  • Provide some feedback and recommendations in plain English. And they’ll be simple to implement.
  • Then leave you to it!

Why am I offering this?

I love small business (Laudale is a small, family business). And I’d love to apply all of my experience to making talent accessible to every business. 

And… Lots of other reasons…

I see many smaller businesses and scale-ups struggling to attract the right people. And often when they do hire, they struggle to keep the right people. And I can’t help thinking there’s something wrong with this picture.

According to the FSB, “SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population (5.9 million businesses).”

Small businesses should have the pick of the talent. People should be jumping at the chance to impact such an important part of our economy.

But at the same time, I know from experience it’s hard to run a business and focus on hiring great people. And hiring great people really does take focus. The reality is that most founders don’t have the capacity.

Which means…

  • They should hire an internal recruiter, surely. Or delegate to admin. Really? 
  • OK then, go to an external recruiter. That’s costly for a lot of businesses. And the quality is hit-and-miss – to a lot of recruitment firms you’re not a very big deal.

Besides, it isn’t always a case of ‘we’re struggling to find good candidates’.

The ‘search’ element is only one part of the overall recruitment puzzle. Often, good candidates are knocking on your door, you just don’t have the time, structure, processes, etc, to land them.

I know that in many cases, a health check from a fresh-but-experienced pair of eyes can work wonders.

What do others say?

Here are some comments from others who have benefitted from our small business health check.

Feedback on Laudale Small Business Healthcheck


More feedback on Laudale's Free Small Business Healthcheck


“Laudale performed a free recruitment process audit for a problematic vacancy that we had open for some time. The session identified some key ‘quick wins’ to increase our chances of  filling the vacancy. The process was efficient and straightforward, and we came away with easy-to-action, practical recommendations.” IT Director for a PE-backed Legal Services Firm. 

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