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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Are your staff looking elsewhere?- it’s time to focus on retention this autumn

It’s the end of a long hot summer and as temperatures dip and suitcases are packed away for another year it’s natural and understandable that many employees will be lacking in motivation. 

However, for some, the return to work after the summer break is the perfect time to take a fresh view of career goals and plans and that can mean looking for a new role. September is the second busiest time of year after January for job seekers, so it’s a time when employers should be taking a close look at what’s going on in their teams and focusing on retention.  

Here we share 3 top tips for engaging your teams this autumn. 

Discuss development options  

If your team are looking elsewhere, it could be due to a lack of development in their current role. As September hits make time to meet with the individuals in your teams to discuss how they’re feeling about their personal development and how you can help them meet their objectives before the year is out. 

Remind them why they’re there 

It never hurts to have a reminder of what goals the business has and to reinforce how your teams and individuals contribute to this, September is a great time for an update on strategy and goals and to positively re-engage employees, it can be easy in the day to day ‘getting things done’ to lose sight of what is trying to be achieved by the business overall but by bringing everyone together and reinforcing that you’ll see a renewed sense of purpose amongst employees 

Consider what else you can do 

Think about the reasons why people in your business might be looking for a new role and answer honestly if you can do something about them? Whether that’s the opportunity to create new roles, promotions, enhance salary or benefits or offer flexible working, if there’s something your employees are asking for and it’s something your business is able to provide it could be the difference between retaining valuable talent or not.  

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