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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Tech talent: is it time to look North?

In our last infographic we took a look at why Manchester adds up for tech talent, with attractive salaries and an even more attractive cost of living, Manchester came out tops with its’ major competitor for tech talent, London but what about the other Northern cities and the tech opportunities within them. How do they measure up against some other Southern tech hot spots? our latest infographic takes a look…


Let’s first consider two of the larger cities we looked at Leeds and Birmingham. Average salaries in the West Yorkshire city sit at £50,041 whilst Birmingham comes in at a slightly lower £43,718, if you want to purchase a property there you’ll pay around £15k more however if you’re renting then you’ll feel more pressure on your pocket in Leeds putting the second and third largest cities in the UK on an even footing on first look but what are the opportunities like? Unsurprisingly there are more digital/tech jobs in Birmingham with more than 36,000 currently employed versus the figure in Leeds of 23,747 however taking into account the relative size of the cities both of these figures account for around 3% of the total population of the cities.

We also took a closer look at Newcastle and Bristol with the average digital and tech salary coming in at an attractive £51,213 whilst Bristol comes in at £47,063, take this and look at the average house price in each city at £167,890 versus £329,950 and in this example the figures are stacking up in favour of the North. However we know it’s not exactly that cut and dried sure, the salary sounds great on paper and the cost of living and housing in particular are highly competitive but what if the jobs just aren’t there? Well those figures look pretty good too there’s over 35,000 tech and digital jobs in Bristol whilst Newcastle boasts over 20,000 roles in the sector, slightly less but when considered that Bristol is a bigger city with more than 140,000 more people, this accounts for 7% of the Newcastle population versus 8% of Bristol.

For both Leeds and Newcastle versus their southern counterparts, there appears to be less opportunity however considering the relative size of the cities there’s also less competition in the Northern cities for roles with higher salaries and a lower cost of living, it would be foolish for tech talent not to look North.

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