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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

Why it’s time to make things ‘ official’ with your interim provider

Finding the best interim talent is a challenging task no question so, when a fast solution is required for your business and project, it can be tempting to leave your options open and work with a few different interim providers, you may think that this approach gives you access to a wider talent pool or put more firepower behind your search and whilst this may ultimately return results we’d always argue that keeping it simple and working with one provider will achieve a better outcome.

Here’s just a few reasons why it makes sense to make things official:

You’ll be investing your time wisely

The right interim hire is all about relationships and so it’s incredibly important that the interim provider you’re working with gets to know you and your business really well, the best providers will use their knowledge of your business to create a tailored brief for the role you’re recruiting for and in turn this will increase the chances of finding the right candidate. If you’re working with more than one interim provider how much ‘facetime’ can you really afford to spend with each of them? And as a result, how deep an understanding of your business they can have is questionable.

You’ll reduce your workload

Using several providers means you’ll also be increasing the amount of work you need to do. You’ll receive more CVs and need to spend more time sifting and selecting, you’ll also have to shortlist with each provider and go through an interview and selection process, all of which slows things down considerably which when you’re looking for a short-term solution for your business (i.e. an interim) arguably goes against everything you’re trying to achieve. Working with one provider with whom you have a strong relationship removes all of this ‘admin’ providing a full-service approach from brief stage through to interview and selection.

You’ll save money

Yes, you read that right. Engaging one interim provider usually provides scope for negotiating fees and even the basis on which those fees are paid (depending on the fee model), even if there’s no room for negotiation on fees if you’re working with a trusted provider who knows your business, it’s likely the search will take less time and result in a successful outcome, all of which results in a better bottom line.

It’s more confidential

If you’re working with more than one provider, you should consider that your potential candidates will be too and whilst it doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on your business if a candidate is approached for the same role by two separate firms representing you it does make things rather messy. If the appointment is a sensitive or confidential one, then having more than one provider in the marketplace trying to reach potential candidates first is a potential recipe for disaster.  A trusted provider will always have the best interests of your business at their core and will handle your requirement with discretion and integrity.

There’s no competition

This may seem like an obvious point, however, if you’re working with several providers then it’s natural (and good business on their part!) that those providers will be competing to convince you that their candidate is the right one. This can be dangerous territory particularly if you’re inexperienced in working with interim providers or making interim hires as you could be in a situation where the best salesperson wins rather than the best candidate. An established relationship with one provider will mean you’ve already decided together who the best interims are, and they’ll be committed to taking an objective view and helping you make the right decision.

Working with an interim provider is unique, in that it is wholly based on human relationships, the one the provider has with their interim network and the one the interim provider has with you – the client – and as with most relationships investing time, effort and commitment ultimately reap results. It’s time to stop keeping your options open and commit to interim hiring success.

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