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Natalie Asprey
Natalie Asprey
Marketing Communications Manager

What’s in a name? – job titles and perceptions

Ever tried to negotiate a new job title only to be told ‘ job titles don’t really mean anything’ if so you’re not alone but is that entirely accurate?

There’s an argument job titles are important because they are all about perception. Think about where your job title appears across your professional life, it’s on your email, your LinkedIn profile, your business card, your name badge if you attend an event, in fact there aren’t many places it doesn’t appear, it is always visible and if it doesn’t represent what you do or who you are that’s a problem.

What employers often mean when they say job titles don’t matter, are they don’t matter internally and that is a more accurate statement. It’s true in most modern businesses that employees are measured by the work they do and the value they bring and not what it says on the second line of their business card, employers are rarely thinking about how the wider market perceives your job title.

However, on the flip side, one of the first things recruiters and hiring managers will consider is your job title. If your current job title accurately demonstrates your seniority, experience and skills then you’re already on the road to being considered.

If you’re an employer, empowering your team to essentially find another job might not sound too appealing but consider this, giving your employee the title they want and the one which represents their place in the market will make them feel valued and if you’re showing the outside world that your business employs talented and experienced professionals with specialist skills then that’s not harmful to your brand either. Most importantly you’re showing your employees you trust them which probably means they’ll want to stay right where they are. Everybody wins.

A truly great employer wants to equip their teams for career progression, if you’re still being told your job title doesn’t matter perhaps it’s time to consider your next move.

Do job titles matter? what’s your view?

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