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The Team at Laudale

Alec Laurie
Alec Laurie
Managing Director

Year In Review

A quick one from me to sign off 2019.

If you’ve read our two ‘How’s the Market?’ reports this year, you’ll get the gist… it’s been a great year in many respects, if not a slightly unpredictable one. If you haven’t read them, where on Earth have you been? You can sign up for future reports here.

We celebrated Laudale’s 5th year of trading in Feb 2018, and I have honestly loved every minute. I never set out to build an empire – the objective was to keep the quality high, and to keep both clients and candidates happy. And I’m immensely proud that we’ve never deviated from that core objective, nor have we deviated from our values. Someone described our firm as ‘small, but beautifully formed’ earlier this year. Not only is that nice to hear, but it captures our philosophy perfectly.

At the same time, we’re incredibly ambitious. I’m chomping at the bit for 2019. It’s going to be uncertain – let’s not kid ourselves, the economy will nosedive from March onwards – but I sincerely believe there are significant opportunities ahead and we’ll be working smarter than ever to enable our clients’ transformation agendas.

The general volatility, combined with a certain tax legislation in the interim/contract space mean the landscape will shift considerably in 2019. If you want to respond to this change in a positive way, then we’re keen to hear from you.

I’ll sign off 2018 by saying THANK YOU to all the people who have been part of Laudale’s year.

Firstly, our existing and long-term clients. We celebrated our 5th year of working with our biggest client this year too… and looking forward to many more. And our ‘new’ clients for 2018 – thanks for your business… I look forward to our 5th year anniversary too!

All of our current and previous ‘contractors’ that have worked on clients’ site throughout 2018, and anyone we’ve short-listed for interim or permanent roles this year. Thank you. You are our brand ambassadors and, whilst I expect we’ve told you this in person, I’ll maintain that without you and your professionalism we wouldn’t have a business.

To our wider talent community and partners – thank you so much. We’re incredibly privileged at Laudale: as a by-product of what we do we meet with some of the most interesting and talented people you could imagine.

Thanks to the Manchester Evening News Business Week and all of the amazing technology professionals that we worked with to produce the Top 30 Women in Tech in Greater Manchester in March 2018.

Thanks to Beckie and James at Tech Returners; to Chris, Kath, Amy and team at Doris; Anna at the EHRC/Working Forward; Sally at Armstrong Watson; Tim Franklin, and anyone who invested their time with Laudale, including all those who have partnered on content, events and the amazing #MyTechJourney series. We’re forever indebted to you!

Have a wonderful Christmas all! See you bright eyed and bushy tailed on 2nd Jan.